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Castle & Verdunkeln Oberhausen, 12.5.12
Jex Thoth @ Doom Shall Rise Göppingen, 10.4.10
Anathema & Opalessence Aschaffenburg, 3.2.04
Anyone's Daughter & Aschaffenburg, 25.3.04
Bang Your Head!!! Balingen, 25.6.04
Bang Your Head!!! Balingen, 26.6.04
Doom Shall Rise II Göppingen, 2. & 3.4.04
Himmel Open Air Schauenburg, 30. & 31.7.04
Progpower Baarlo, 4. & 5.10. 03
Progpower Baarlo, 2. & 3.10.04
Rock-Hard-Festival Gelsenkirchen, 29. & 30.5.04
Summer Breeze Abtsgmünd, 19.-21.8.04
The Gathering & Flowing Tears Erfurt, 11.3.04
Virgin Black Leipzig, 5.6.03
Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig, 6.6.03


Alabama Thunderpussy Fulton Hill
Alabama Thunderpussy Rise Again
Anyone's Daughter Wrong
A.O.K. Kinderlieder frei ab 18
Burden Of Grief Fields Of Salvation
Burning Saviours The Crusade Of Evil
Capricorns Capricorns
Chalice An Illusion To The Temporary Real
Chalice Chronicles of Dysphoria
Corruption Orgasmusica
Cult Of Luna Cult Of Luna
Dead Soul Tribe The January Tree
Demir Demirkan 2004 Istanbul
Empty Tremor The Alien Inside
Equilibrium Turis Fratyr
Final Breath Let Me Be Your Tank
Five Fifteen The Man Who Sold Himself
Forces@Work Forcilized
George Lynch Furious George
Good Witch Of The South Nuclear
Grave Flowers Promo-03
Isis Panopticon
Jordan Rudess Rhythm Of Time
Kingdom Come Perpetual
Knorkator Ich hasse Musik
Long Voyage Back Close To Animal
Mesmerized Feel The Subconscious
Negative Reaction / Ramesses Negative Reaction / Ramesses
Negative Reaction Endofyorerror
Neil Zaza Staring At The Sun
Protector Echoes From The Past
Red Aim Niagara
Reverend Bizarre Harbinger Of Metal
Ring Of Fire Lapse Of Reality
Schtimm Featuring...
Serenity Starseed V.R.
Spiritus Mortis Spiritus Mortis
Suicide Blood Flows On
The Doomsday Cult Samarithans Of Misery
The Great Kat Wagner's War
The Mist Cemetary Gates
Virgin Black Elegant... And Dying
Winds Reflections Of The I

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